Collaborative Professional Networking: This session is all about helping you develop your own "Professional" / "Personal Learning Network". As David Warlick said, "There is nothing new about personal learning networks. They are the people and information sources that help you accomplish your goals, either on the job or in your personal pursuits." ... "Today, however, new techniques for organizing digital networked information, have enabled us to fashion new kinds of networks that extend far beyond our immediate location and face-to-face connections, and to grow our networks based not on explicit decisions, but through the ideas of other ... "people and resources" whose ideas intersect with ours." Let's break down the classroom and school walls and create a network of like-minded professionals who we can learn from and share our ideas with!
PRESENTER: Scott Meech, Kennilworth School District

Collaborative Presentations: This session will help you learn new ways that students and colleagues can collaboratively create and share presentations both within and outside of your classroom. Learn from fellow teachers on ways the township is using this 21st century technology to bring a global audience to your students' learning experiences. Session presentation can be found here.
PRESENTERS: Debra Atwater & Beth Burke, Wilmette School District

Collaborative Document Creation: This session will offer strategies, successes and safe practices for integrating Google applications into classroom activities and team sharing. Learn how staff and students in local schools are co-authoring, viewing and collaborating on documents, spreadsheets and presentations in real-time with a free web-based program. Session presentation here.
PRESENTERS: Adam Denenberg, Wilmette School District and Charlene Entman, Sunset Ridge School District

Collaborative Communication: This session will focus on utilizing free tools on the Internet for communicating collaboratively with others. See how one school district is using blogs to share student work, give students ownership of their work and foster responsible use of the Internet for communication. Learn how video conferencing and private chat rooms are bringing authors, career professionals and students from around the world into classrooms. "Dabble" with online whiteboard technology to create collaborative flowcharts and communicate with your students as they are thinking through a project. It's all about communication!
PRESENTERS: Kim Zimmer, Gail Soriano, and Beth Haugeberg Avoca School District